We know that ‘over-weight’ means obesity which shorten life span and reduce the quality of life for people with health problem. Just can't be solved with diet and exercise, is a chronic disease that perpetuates negativity in every phase of our lives. Can be treated or even several times the fact that raises the importance of this issue can be avoided.

Your body weight in adult males than it should be up to 25%, 30% of women as much as obesity. So much as to ruin the health of fat accumulation. This is the criteria for the World Health Organization (WHO), according to according to body mass index.

BODY MASS INDEX                                                                                                                       


25-30 Overweight

30-35 Obese

35-40 Obese Advanced

40 and above morbid obese

BMI Account why is it important?

According to this account, the presence of osity and many other diseases also which will be elected it is decided that treatment method

What an like harm to people?

It causes diseases that can impair almost all body systems. These diseases are life threatening degree, changing to disrupt our comfort degree. The average lifetimes shorten.

What is the treatment for obesity?

Since this problem is more than just our weight is not the issue, and almost all diseases that affect our body follows our approach as we face the Academy hospital;the patient is multidisciplinary. So, all in communication with each other related industry experts is going to be.Endocrinology and metabolic diseases, dietician, and Psychiatry are assessed by. That you could lose weight with diet and exercise with a patient within the framework of an appropriate program are being pursued. If necessary, drug therapy commencing.The patient in case of need Cardiology, sees an internal medicine specialist.

I must have the surgery when?

The general surgery clinic of our hospital for this purpose in open surgery with laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy without the need for a method with fractions so small (the stomach tube) method is applied. Scientifically this method has been our choice because it is more secure and have lower side effects. This method reduced the volume of the stomach a feeling of fullness with very little food and is aimed at the patient. A portion of the stomach is cut and removed, a stomach tube is being dropped in the back in the form of 60-100 ml. You get that full feeling with less food, but the absorption of foods isn't failing. Also the hunger hormone secreting portion of the stomach for the extraction of the patient it doesn't create the feeling of hunger.

What Awaits Me After The Surgery?

The success of the surgery after the surgery the patient is bound to comply with the diet and exercise program. Rapid weight loss in compliant patients is seen. Targeted ideal weight 1-1,5 years is reached and a new life begins.

Obesity Surgery, Why Should I Be?

With the sleeve gastrectomy hypertension, diabetes, varicose veins, Sleep Apnea , cardiovascular diseases , joint diseases, blood fats, cholesterol , asthma , urinary incontinence , and polycystic ovary syndrome in women from most to fight diseases such as depression and you will be spared.