Your nerves are on your back, you do not know what to do, you have difficulty breathing ... Relaxation time. We have prepared easy-to-apply relaxing strategies for you in times of stressful and frustrating moments ... You can also review our other articles about health tourism

See the glass
There is a relaxing effect of looking at the glass. According to research conducted by office staff at the Washington University psychology professor Peter Kahn, office workers say they are looking at three types of landscapes. These; Nature view, an electronic screen or nothing. Increased stress levels have been found to normalize the heart rhythm level when looking at nature. Those who overlook the electronic screen and those who have no view are not very different from each other.

Send flowers to yourself
The famous Turkish doctor Mehmet Oz Stress Less (Less stress) says that the only thing that reduces stress in his book is unquestioned nature. In a study by Harvard University, flowers were sent to a group of women and candles were given to other groups. Within a week the first group was found to be less anxious and stressed. For this reason, the soothing effect of natural elements is mentioned. Dr. Your own office always advises you to have a flower in your desk.

A little love
Among the factors that reduce stress by kissing once or twice a day. According to Northwestern University psychiatry professor Laura Berman, you will feel less isolated. Because the body secretes endorphin hormone during kissing. Dr. Berman recommends that you kiss at least 10 seconds a day, deep and passionate if possible, and recommend that you enjoy the physical connection.

Take a 5-minute break
Kate Hanley, who writes a book about struggle with stress, says you can be relieved of your stress with a simple move you can make at your office. For this, lean forward with two feet away from the table, push your head closer to your knees and touch your feet with your arms. So you will feel that your muscles are relaxed that your back is relaxed.

Be comfortable
Beware if you are getting in the gym after a stressful day in the pale. Kent University professor Samuele M. Marcora warns: "Doing intensive sports after a stressful day can increase your stress more". If you want to relax, even if it does not help you lose weight, suggest you choose quiet sports. For example, a slow walk can be good.

Do yoga
He has not heard that Yogan is now a struggle with stress. Thanks to yoga, you will be free from your stress and you will be more positive. Chris Streeter, professor of medical school at the Boston University School of Medicine, explains, "Part of the nervous system that relieves the body and mind becomes active when the spine is curved."

Exit the light
"Stress can get much worse when we are not aware of the time," says Julie Holland, professor of psychiatry at New York University. "When your retina perceives the sunlight, your brain perceives the daily rhythm and accordingly plans itself," he adds. To do this, wear your sunglasses 20 times a day 3 times a week and walk outside. In addition to the walk you can opt for phototherapy and vitamin D supplementation.

Look good
Whether you are eye-catching a photo of a famous model or an actress with beauty. Because, according to a research done at the University of Louisville, people are looking at these types of photographs, and it's been found that their stress has decreased.

Cast yourself
Think about the problem and make yourself a bigger problem. Yale University professor Susan Nolen-Hoeksema warns: "Thinking about these problems makes you deeper and becomes incomprehensible." Instead of thinking about your leisure time, think of it as another activity.

Watch out for allergies!
If your stress is increasing for no reason, if you have itching your eyes and your nose running, then the cause of your stress is probably allergic. Psychiatrist Alvaro Guzman says, "When allergic symptoms show up, the chemicals in our blood can trigger mood swings." It suggests you pay attention to make yourself comfortable