Gastroesophageal reflux is the name given to the food and acid in the stomach to backtrack to the food borrowing (ösefagus). It is known as chest burning among the public because it burns on the torso.

If you have a complaint of stomach burn after eating, you should first avoid the foods that cause it and the foods that increase the burning sensation

If you are suffering from stomach burning, you should stay away from fatty and acidic foods. Grapefruit, chocolate, coffee, alcohol and fatty foods triggered by the pain, can cause reflux. Instead of these, you can try to eat small portions with friendly foods.

Those nutrients that are good for your stomach burning ...

Oats: Oats and other cereal products are also good for midi. For breakfast, eat low-fat oatmeal.

Fresh ginger: It is a known fact that fresh ginger is good for stomach discomfort. Pour hot water over freshly chopped fresh ginger to combat reflux. Add a few fresh mint leaves to the ginger aqua in order to aid in the acidity of your body and for every morning.

Cauliflower: Cauliflower, which is used as the raw material of ulcer drugs, is also very useful for the stomach.

Potatoes: The water of the unfossilted raw potato is good for the stomach burning.

Fennel: A light salad for lunch and a thinly sliced ​​fresh fennel reduce acid buildup on the sides. Fennel is helping to treat digestive and intestinal complaints.

Spinach: Spinach consumed by boiling is very useful for the stomach.

Rootstock: Reduces the acid by reducing the most acid.

You can make a list to find out which foods increase your reflux.To look after your health, Protein-rich beans will reduce the effects of lentil reflux.

- Prefer fibrous foods. This prevents excessive food secretion during digestion. Banana apples, peaches, pears, melons, strawberries are beneficial to consume such fruits.

 - Eat all vegetables except tomatoes

- Consuming vegetables rich in omega 3 angles such as cabbage will help in the treatment of reflux.

- Stay away from frying or canned food.

- In some people, garlic and onion trigger reflux. After you have exhausted both of them, you can check if there is any burning.

- Triggers reflux-related problems in bitter and spicy foods.

- Stay away from everything that is sparkling. Because mint facilitates the passage of stomach acid into the food pipe.

- Brown rice, oats, lean cheese, broccoli, carrots, cabbage do not trigger reflux.

- Get protein from plant foods instead of animal foods.