It was August 2013 and like everyone it was the happiest moment of Mamta & Suraj’s life(changed Names) as they were blessed with a baby boy but they were not aware that this happiness will last only for the next few hours.

The next morning, as a usual process in maternity hospitals, Specialist came to check their son. He was noted immediately at birth that he is suffering from Hypospadias which is an innate Urological disorder in males. Hypospadias is the disorder in which the urinary opening is not present at the usual site, it is present somewhere below the usual site along with curvature of penis. Fortunately both his testis were descended normally and were of normal size. He passed urine well and was recommended to have a Paediatric Urologist/ Surgeon evaluation.

The specialist also informed them that this surgery needs to be done at an age of 12-18 months and it might take at least operative sessions. They were also informed about the complications if surgery is avoided.

The parents got scared for their son as it is really difficult for any parents to get their infant operated. They were not able to sleep for next few nights. They decided not to tell this to anyone in their family but they failed to hide their real emotions and everybody got to know about infants’s disorder. They all were so worried, they all had a fear in their mind whether their child will ever be able to get treated or will lead his whole life like this.

They started researching about Hypospadias specialists in their region through internet portals and through some references. They found plenty of qualified and experienced specialists also they consulted few of them but still they didnot get confidence on any.

Child was now 3 years old .3 years passed in research and fear. But Suraj (Father)did some more research and found centre of Urethra and Penile surgery at SCI International Hospital in Delhi.Suraj read about the profile of Dr.Gautam Banga who heads the department of Genito-Urinary Reconstructive surgery. Dr.Gautam Banga is a Genito-Urinary Reconstructive Surgeon. He has done his fellowship in Reconstructive Urology. Dr.Gautam has treated more than 500 cases of Hypospadias in his 09 years of experience with an excellent success rate.

Suraj had a telephonic conversation with the staff who coordinates for department of Urology at SCI Hospital. He was informed about the doctor, about the facilities, was briefed about the surgery and also shared certain success stories. Suraj was convinced with half an hour conversation and planned to visit the Centre of Urethra and Penile Surgery.

Carrying a huge backlog of negativity about hypospadias surgery the parents visited centre for urethra and penile surgery and met Dr.Gautam Banga. They had a lot doubts and questions to ask. They were answered for each query by Dr.Gautam. He guided them about the disorder, the surgical procedure and its outcome and success rate.

They were answered for many valid questions like Will he be completely normal after the hypospadias surgery?

Will he be able to stand and pee/urinate like other Male child?Will his penis look normal like others?

Will he be able to have a normal sexual life and can father a child ?

Dr.Gautam tried his best to answer them using last decade of his experience in treating children with Hypospadias. The parents were confident about the consultation done by Dr.Gautam. They found someone whom they could rely on to handover their 3 years old son to perform a surgery.

Dr.Gautam examined the child physically and reviewed his history. He noted that the child had not undergone any kind of surgical intervention before. He noted that the child was a case of midpenile Hypospadias with penile curvature (cordee). He explained the parents that surgery might be accomplished in two stages also made them comfortable by assuring for good results. Complications are much less if operated by a surgeon or at a centre where there is a focused practice in treating children with Hypospadias.

He reassured that the anatomy can be reconstructed, the surgery is safe and well tolerated, and a good outcome with a normal or near normal penis appearance and function can be achieved.

So parents decided to get their son operated after a week.

Now the day had come when the child was to be operated. As the child was taken into Operation theatre, parents were worried as well as were happy with a hope to see their child getting rid of the Hypospadias.

Surgery lasted for 2 hours and was done in a very professional way and successfully with no issue.A catheter was placed for 12 days.He was hospitalized for 2 days, their stay was made comfortable by our supporting staff. He was discharged after 2 days and all the precautionary measures were explained to his parents. They were advised to come for follow up after 2 weeks.

After the discharge parents were pretty relaxed. The child recovered in few weeks and the healing was complete in next 3 months.

The child is now able to pee from his normal urinary passage like a normal kid. He was treated successfully in one stage.

We UPS Team wish him a great future ahead. Also a check-up is mandatory later on after puberty at about 13-24 years of age and after 2-3 years of sexual life/ marriage to ensure that the urethra is functioning well.

Dr.Gautam Banga appeals and recommends the parents whose kids are having Hypospadias should consult the doctor early and discuss about the options and procedures.

Delaying the decision of surgery would not be the best option, as this could increase the risk of infection and improper healing.

Every year we treat more than 50-60 kids from all over the world and few of them are referred from other centres and have undergone first hypospadias repair surgery elsewhere and have had some complications of hypospadias repair or a failed hypospadias surgery. We have treated virtually kids from most states of India and from more than 10 countries and counting”

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