What is Acanthamoeba? Acanthamoeba is an organismmicroscopic, can cause a rare but serious problem, and usually found in freshwater or other habitats. And what is infection? Infection is a process in which bacteria,viruses, fungi or other organisms enter the body.

AcanthamoebaInfection is an infectionon the human body and affecting the skin. It is caused by bacteria, fungi,viruses or protozoa (Acanthamoeba). A lot of these cases occur to many peoplearound us. Actually not all of people could be infected as they often wash offand be always clean. So it is important for us to care our self and make sureeverything around us must be cleaned. Acanthamoebanot only can infect our skin, but also our eyes (cornea). We called it Acanthamoebakeratitis. So, Acanthamoeba keratitis is a serious infection which canmake visual problems and the worst result is blindness.  This disease could happen through eye trauma,exposure to contaminated water, or poor hygiene concerning eye healthroutines. 

Pic source : https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2009/07/090721091841.htm

Lately, we know that utilization contact lensesfavored by many people. Even it’s like a trend use contact lenses instead ofglasses. Yes, wearing contact lenses may be more comfortable than glasses. Somepeople feel be more confidents without glasses. That’s why they prefer contactlenses than glasses. But, we know that contact lenses are not totally good forour eyes. The irritation can attack the first time we using or the time whenthe contact lenses are unhygienic or contaminated.

What are the symptom or indication?

We could see redness in the eye, sensitive to thelight, tearing easily, blurred vision, feeling something inside of the eye, andsometimes headache comes suddenly. Iffeel how these symptoms above, go to doctor immediately. We don’t know what thetruth happen, but better sooner rather than later.

What we can do to reduce the risk?

        Goto doctor regularly to check the condition our eyes.

         Payattention until when we could use the contact lenses (usually we know theschedule or the time from doctor or optical).

         Do not use contact lenses when swimming, showering, orany activity which contact to water directly.

         Wash hands before handling contact lenses.

         Clean contact lenses according the instructions.

        Keep the cleanliness.



            Centersfor Disease Control and Prevention