Acinetobacter is a genus gram negative bacteria commonly founded inthe hospital environment, include the hospitalized patients and hospitalpersonnel and naturally it sensitive to someantibiotics.. Usually thisorganism living colonizes on the ground or in an aquatic environment, but it isalso possible isolated from the animals. Species Acinetobacter are capable to make infection in a human organ andthat’s the main source of infection to the patients in hospital because theirweak situation. There are more than thirty types of Acinetobacter’s species.And Acinobacter Baumanii are the maincause of human disease. It causes the pneumoniafrequently. Pneumonia is aserious disease (human lungs) which became one of the main causes the death inthis world. There are many factors which can increase the risk for acquiring anAcinetobacter infection, includingprior antibiotic exposure, intensive care unit admission, use of a centralvenous catheter, and mechanical ventilation or hemodialysis use.

In the some cases, Acinetobactercan enter to the human body by the wounded skin from the bloodstream. Researchshows that more than 40% of adults have colonies of bacteria on mucousmembranes. These colonies may be a source of infection when adults undergoingtreatment at the hospital, because in healthy people Acinetobacter Baumannii not cause infection.

Thereare some symtomps :

-         anabnormally high body temperature, usually accompanied by shivering, headache

-          Inflammation

-         Skin rash

-         Rapid breathing

-         An increased heart rate

-         Low blood pressure

-         Multiple organ failure

How when Acinetobacter attacts the body?

Acinetobacterattacts the weak immune system and also the people who are sick. Firstly is atreatment. Here, treatment is the most important things after u are positiveattacked by that microorganism. Doctor would give you antibiotic and use itregularly. Control or check up routine yourself. For the patients and hospitalpersonnel, wash the hands often as you can. It may help to minimize the effectsor infection.

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