Aesthetic Operations are Now Easier and More Succesful

You wanted to correct visual problems that bother you in your body or face , but chose to live with this problem for life after being scared by what you heard from others .However ,you may have missed the possibility to reach a healthy and effective solution with developing plastic surgery and surgery free aesthetic methods. Aesthetic , Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon Dr. Orhan Erbaş , who said that knowing the right information will lead to the correct decisions , talked about the current developments in aesthetics.

What should people who are considering aesthetic operations do ?

The only way to make the correct decision is to know the right information . Obtaining information on the procedure you are considering from all angles including the good and the bad can only be through a physician who is an expert on the subject . Of course the internet is an important source of information, however it contains may incorrect information as well. You should not forget situation of each patient is different from each other .While one method is good for many people , it may not be suitable for you. Changing your mind about a treatment because ofin correct information could lead to living with a problem for life that can easily be corrected..Plastic reconstructive aesthetic surgeons have six years of specialized training, and I suggest that you take advantage of their knowledge when making decision . These procedures should be done by people who can produce solutions in a possible complication . İn addition to he knowledge of the person carrying out the procedure, attentionmust be paid to how equipped the place the procedure will take place at is.

What is the biggest difficulty when practicing your job?

Carrying out our work requires great effort and concentration ,but that’s not the hard part. Procedures by people who are ill equipped negatively influences the perception of easthetics in the public. İn addition , sometimes exaggerating an procedure more than it deserves creates excessive expectations. Correcting incorrect information makes our job more diffcult.

What is the secret to your success in aesthetic procedures?

I think the philosophical side is important , the respect and care ı have towards the human body is the foundation of what we do. Tying to achieve natural and healthy results is important for long-term happiness. The experience ı have from providing solutions to many patients is important in foreseeing the result of the procedure and it’s success. Following new methods and trying to do better keeps us dynamic. I use American FDA approved devices and materials to minimize the possible risks outside of us.

Demand for plastic surgery increases every year, what are the reasons for this?

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery’s data, demand for aesthetic procedures in general is on the rise. I think the most important reason fort his isthat people value themselves more. In addition, the fact that those who appear more beautiful and healthy in business and social life are one step ahead is an encouraging truth. All of this , combined with procedures becoming easier,safer successful and more affordable, meaning people are able to find solutions, the demand rises.


How’s Turkey doing in aesthetic procedures?

Turkish doctors have proven themselves with their knowledge and talents in the areas of aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery. We are closing our gap in technology by closely following developments especially in the U.S, but unfortunately importing the devices. Carrying out the highest level treatments with American FDA approved devices and metarials, successful patient care and stay , easy transportation and low costs have made it so that many international patients are choosing us.

What are the plastic surgeries that you carry out the most?

-The procedures I carry out the most frequently are rhinoplasty, breast surgery, body shaping with LASER liposuction, tummy tuck, face lift, eyelid surgeries, hair transplantation and oil injection.

Who are suitable for LASER Lipolysis?

It is an ideal system for body contour defects. For example, it is very affective in the waist,hip, knee surroundings,top inside leg, back and abdominal areas.It is used to make arms, double chins and ankles smaller as well. Enlarged breasts in men can be solved with this system if not at an advanced stage. In patients who are overweight or have sagging skin due to weight loss, other methods should be used.

How does surgery-free face and neck lift called forcused ultrasound work and how is it different from older methods?

Ultrasonic sound waves can fcus on the issue depth wanted and create heat damges in the connective tissue under the skin, without damaging the upper layer of the skin, and increase collagen production. So the skin starts its own healing period, produce new collagen, which leads to tightened skin and lifting upwards. The biggest difference from other systeme that heat tissue to reduce size is that ultraound energy bypasses the upper layers of the skin and focus on the SMAS tissue that we target in facelifts. The regeneration period starts immediatly after the procedure and a slight tightening can be seen in the first moments. The skin begins to look beter every passing day, a week later your skin feels beter, a month later the affects will be visible. Skin tightening with focused ultrasound is a one session procedure,and should be repeated after six months at the carliest, an done year at the latest. Because it triggers collagen producation in the skin and shrinks the SMAS tissue, the results obtained stay for long time. Because there are diffrent heads that focus the energy on the depth required, A wide range of treatment alternatives are presented for the face, neck and body which decreases wrinkles and tightens. Following the treatment the patient can continue their daily life easily and do not experience any limitations. The procedure last approximately half an hour.

How do you see the future of aesthetic procedure?

I think that work in the genetics field will reflect on aesheties but it will take time.Today, most of our cases are correcting assisting deformities. In the future, I predict that a consciousness for proceduresprotecting the current state of young individuals will increase.

How is the interest of men in aesthetics?

The number of men who come to us with breast enlargement problem called gynecomastia is very high. Because this problem is independent from extra weight, it cannot be solved by losing wieght or exercising. Really effective solutions have been created for men who in past tried to hide their breasts, have posture disorders, were unable to swim in the sea or pool, couldnt wear tight clothing. You shouldnt separate this as men and women. It is very natural for men to want to look masculine, women to look feminine and both to look masculine, women to look feminine and both to look healthy. We are acually bringing people close to what is beautiful. Like trying reduce the size of a mans breasts…

You carry out surgery-free procedures as well, what is your view on these?

I use many methods, especially botox, fillers, fibroblast cell culture, focused ulrasound, platelet rich plasma and LASER. These are very successful methods when used in the right way on the right patients. However, it must be started that their effect is limited on large deformations. I suggest these types of treatments mostly for patients in their 30s and 40s. At later ages success will increase when combined with surgeries.

What changes have inovations in aesthetics led to?

There are many questions in the minds of those who are considering aesthetic procedures such as “is it very difficult, is it safe, when can ı return to work?” To answer these questions, scientific and technological developments in wide range such as ultrasound and LASER continue on a cell base to begin with. With these developments, aesthetic procedures that are easier, more effective and safer are possible compared to before. A few examples to this are LASER lipolysis for body shaping, young and taut skin with fibroblasts cell cultures, reducing the segging of the face with focused ultrasound. In addition to these, the ingredients of filler materials have really devolped. Through this, specific solutions have been created for different parts of the face and the lips, and the risk of reaction to foreign objects has greatly decreased. The results are now more natural.

What developments have taken place surgically?

The shape, size and content alternative for breats implants have increased so much that breast enlargements and lifts result in near natural reasults. Tummy tucks are comined with LASER lipolysis to create better body contours. In rhinoplasties,techniques that focus on breathing are used more often. The harmony the nose with the rest of the face is examined inmore detail and computer programsare used to provide the patients with clearer post- surgery estimations. We preserve the Dynamics of the nose as a moving organ to ensure that breathing is not hindered. In face lifts, we have more natural results by keeping the lift vector direction upwards.

What are the devopments in LASER Liplysis and the differences between LASER Lipolysis from elassie body shaping methods?

The new LASER lipolysis systems ensure better fat breakdown and tighter skin by integrating additional wave lengths and incraesing their power. LASER systems provide tighter skin by heating the tissue. The LASER system uses heat censors to reach heat levels that craetestightness in the skin without burning. In addition, movement trackers reduce the energy when the surgeon slowes down and prevents burning. Breaking down fat tissue with LASER lipolysis makes more homogeneous and esay suctions possible. Outside of small areas such as doublechins, the fat that is broken down is removed from the body through suction. Other advantages of the system compared to classic fat removal procedures are shorter duration of wearing corsets and less bruising. The procedure is done with very small cuts. However dont forget that these procedures are surgical interventions and naturally have a healing period depending on the area.

from Dr. Orhan Erbaş