The HIV virus destroys our immune system, which allows us to resist disease when it enters the body. This makes it very easy for us to get caught up in other illnesses and we can not resist our bodies even to the most simple colds. It does not mean that your body is HIV-infected, AIDSAIDS seen in both women and men can occur at any age. At this stage, the person can be understood only by the blood test whether he or she is infected with AIDS.

But this virus does not show any disease immediately after entering the body. In addition, there may not be any complaints or symptoms indicating that the virus is in the body. HIV is the only HIV test result that causes AIDS. After about 10-12 years, the AIDS symptoms start to show up. By this time, the person could infect the virus. During this time, an HIV positive person may not be sick, and can live healthy for many years without turning to AIDS.

This disease first appeared in the USA in 1981, spreading rapidly after its discovery; Male, child, black, white, Latin, Asian, rich, poor people. It has started to be seen in our country since 1985. In our country, according to the Ministry of Health 2014 data, it is determined that there are 8000 patients. Most; Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Antalya and Bursa. The biggest reason for this is unprotected sex. Approximately one-third of those caught by the disease are females. Although it is very common in heterosexual men in our country, homosexual and bisexual men, substance abusers and hemophiliacs are also very common. In a group of patients, the cause of infection is unknown. It has been noted that 225,000 people have died from AIDS worldwide.

There is currently no definitive treatment for AIDS. Protection from AIDS is the only way to prevent this dangerous and deadly virus from spreading. Because HIV, Human Immune Deficiency Virus, the body's immune system virus, AIDS are all related to the body's immune system, it is called the virus that causes the disease. The virus neutralizes the immune system that allows the human body to resist disease. The inability of the body's immune system to become ineffective means that it can no longer collide with other disease microbes that it can easily cope with before it is affected by the virus. This can cause even a simple infection to become fatal. Most of the AIDS patients died of simple infections due to the ineffectiveness of many of their immune systems.

Once the human body has been infected with the HIV virus, it is no longer possible to destroy the virus in any way and to get rid of it. However, a number of medicines have been developed to prevent the effects of the virus. The province and the most known of these are drugs called AZT (Zidovudine). This drug is preventing the virus from multiplying. AZT AIDS prevents the appearance of symptoms caused by the HIV virus causing the AIDS patient's life to extend for a certain period of time and lead to a better quality of life.

Scientists are still looking for other ways to fight AIDS. In recent years there has been great progress in this regard. The vaccine tests to protect against AIDS are still in the experimental phase. Successful results have been recorded in this regard since the beginning of 2010.

AIDS is a contagious disease that destroys the body's immune system. With the collapse of this system, AIDS patients are exposed to a number of health problems that can be fatal. The virus that causes AIDS is called HIV. When HIV enters the body, this person is called 'HIV POSITIVE'. These people may look completely healthy. Although they do not have any signs of illness in their appearance, they spread the disease to others.