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1-What kind of operation is laparoskopik surgery?

Sleevegastrectomy is also called "longitudinal gastrectomy" or "tube stomach" at  the same time.By cutting out the large side of the stomach a volume of 80-85% reduced  stomach tube is created.

Laparoscopic sleeve surgery, There are 2 mechanisms to lose weight: Mechanical restriction with reduction of gastric volume and weight loss due to reduction of  stomach movements, When a stomach tissue that produces a substance known as ghrelin is removed, a  hormonal change causes weight loss.In the laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy, the ghrelin-produced stomach's fundus region is removed and the appetite is reduced and weight loss occurs.

2- What are the Advantages of Sleeve Gastrectomy?

 It can be done laparoscopically, so wound healing is faster, pain is less, and the length of stay in the hospital is shorter.The capacity of the stomach is reduced, but since the functions are not changed, many foods allow the group to be consumed less.The appetite is reduced as the fundus region of the stomach produced by the ghrelin (hunger hormone) is removed and weight loss occurs. For protecting the stomach door, avoid dumpsyndrome. The feeling of satiety takes a long time because the foods stay in the stomach longer.The risk of ulcer formation is reduced the most.Avoiding bowel bypass; intestinal obstruction, marginal ulcer, anemia, osteoporosis (bone erosion), the risk of protein and vitamin deficiency is eliminated.It is an ideal choice for patients who have a history of previous complications of intestinal bypass or who have a history of cirrhosis or high risk for intestinal bypass.It offers fewer injuries, fewer lung problems, less pain, and faster recuperation than a laproscopically operation in overweight patients. The stomachsurgery can then be converted to by pass and doudenal switche with a second operation.

 3- What are the Risks of  Sleeve Gastrectomy?

As with any surgical procedure, there are potential risks and potential complications in this operation.You will be met by a team of experts to minimize these risks in  Obesity   Clinic a Specialist team will be at your service before, during and after the surgery.

4- How Much Weight Can I Lose After Sleeve Gastrectomy?

 It is possible that overweight can be given by 40-100% in 1-2 years period after  sleeve  gastrectomy.The success in weighting is directly related to the patient's  compliance with the post-operative diet and exercise program. After a tube  stomach operation, a patient who has undergone surgery with 120 kg may lose  weight  between 45-55 kg.

5-Do I have to wait too long to have Sleeve Gastrectomy?

No, our hospital is doing obesity surgery every day and this has reduced the waiting period to a minimum.

6- How Many Days Before Sleeve Gastrectomy Should I Go to the Hospital?

We generally recommend that you stay in the hospital 24 hours before or the same day of obesity surgery.

Operation and Hospital Process;

7- How Long Does Sleeve Gastrectomy?

Tube stomach operations usually last up to 60-80 minutes. It takes about 20-25  minutes for the patient to prepare for surgery and to be awakened for 20-25 minutes  and the patient to be adapted after the operation.

8- Do I Have Pain After Operation?

Generally, pain relievers are made immediately after surgery in the operating room.During the course of the painkiller's influence on the patient; there may be  some pain in the pain threshold dose that will change from the patient to the patient.

9-How Long I Stay in Intensive Care After Operation?

 The expected duration of intensive care after this operation is between 6 hours and one day, depending on the condition of the patient.

10-Is NasoGastric Probe Inserted During Sleeve Gatrectomy?

The nasogastric probe is absolutely incompatible with every patient. During your  surgery, your surgeon decides whether or not a nasogastric probe is attached.

11-How Long Do I Stay in Hospital After Operation?

 Although the duration of stay in hospital after tubal surgery varies depending on the healing process of the patient, the patient is generally hospitalized for 1 day  intensive care 2 days.

12- After the operation How much time to return to normal life gets?

 After tubal stomach surgery, we usually offer 10 days of home rest to our  patients.The patient can return to work if he or she is working at the desk after  10  days.It is advisable to wait at least 30 days for the work that requires  physical  activity and to start the spore.

13- After Sleeve Gastrectomy Operations Vitamin - Mineral, Calcium or Protein Do I have to use it?         Vitamin-mineral, calcium or protein deficiencies can occur due to rapid weight  loss  after obesity operations. These are understood during routine checks.

14- After this Operation How Long Do I Continue to Losing Weight?

 Weight loss after tube stomach surgery lasts about 1.5-2 years. In some cases,   patients  may be able to give their excess weight before completing this process  and lose weight earlier.