Chagas disease caused by parasit named Trypanosoma cruzi. Usually it  transmitted to animals and people by insect vectors and is found only in the Americas (Mexico, US, Latin America.This diseases pose a threat to the world because the disease is the same as the  'new AIDS in US. The symptoms are similar to flu in the acute stage of the main problems with the nervous system, digestive and cardiovascular disease in later stage. Once infected, the disease may not be known for years, or even decades. It can cause big problem to the intestines liver, and esophagus. In the end, this disease can eventually be fatal.

Infection can also occur from:

  • A mother to her baby (congenital),
  • contaminated blood products (transfusions),
  • an organ transplanted from an infected donor,
  • laboratory accident, or
  • contaminated food or drink (this is rare).
There are several steps to minimize the spread of this disease:
- spraying in homes to avoid the danger of insects.
-screening on blood transfusions and organ transplants, - early detection and treatment of new cases (as well as mother to her baby).

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