Atrial fibrillation (AFib) happen because of the heart's electrical system has been broken. Even AFib can happen during a hearth attack. This disease can also attack to the family, so the family of a patient is possible get a risk. Another heart problems raise appear as the risk of AFib, including:

- Coronary artery disease
- Heart valve disease
- Rheumatic heart disease
- Heart failure
 -Weakened heart muscle (cardiomyopathy)
 -Heart birth defects
 - (pericarditis).

When the heart beats, the blood move from the upper chambers (the atria) to the lower ones (the ventricles) and out to our body. AFib makes people feel a flutter the chest when the heart beats. Their heart might beat faster than usual,sometimes too quickly, or skips beats. but not everyone feel that way, as the age factor also affected.

Too much alcohol, smoking, caffeine, and dangerous drugs can increase the risk for a person affected by this disease. Stress can also cause the disease gets worse. That's why patients must control their mind, emotion and their self. The treatments is important to bring the heartbeat into a normal rhythm. Doctor will check and control to make sure the medicine is working. For people who have AFib, do not drink alcohol, do not drink too much caffeine and soda, avoid cigarettes. Look what you eat, fruits, vegetables and enough protein are important. Drink enough water, make exercise, and also control your blood pressure regularly. 

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