What is dental implant? Can anyone get a dental implant?

Natural teeth may be lost due to reasons such as tooth decay, periodontal disease, accident, etc. . With dental implant treatment, new "teeth", as if the person's own teeth, can be implanted in these toothless spaces. Implant therapy can be applied to any patient who has completed jaw development and whose general health status is good. Dental implant therapy in patients with good oral hygiene and when the other dental problems are fixed is applied with a success rate of up to 98% for 35 years, except for the patients with very rare health problems. In addition, with the development of imaging and advanced surgical techniques in recent years, inadequate bone structure for the dental implant is no longer a concern.

Do I feel a lot of pain during treatment? How long do the sessions last?

The level of pain experienced by the patient during and after the dental implant operation is equal to the pain experienced during tooth extraction; in other words, it is a very comfortable operation for the patient. The implantation time for a dental implant in a normal case is about 20-30 minutes.

What is the advantage of dental implant over other treatments?

The most important advantage of dental implant treatment is that it does not damage neighboring natural teeth. Other important advantages are: (i) it prevents bone resorption, the prosthesis made feels like the patient's own teeth, the process is completed with a very simple and short operation. Also, dental implants help you gain back your natural smile. It is obvious that a beautiful smile provides self-confidence, vitality and youth.

What are the advantages of having a dental implant treatment in Turkey compared to abroad? Is it cheaper?

Turkey welcomes millions of guests from all over the world every year for its rich cultural, natural and historic beauties, unique beaches and convenient transportation facilities. Since the time of Asclepion, which was established within the kingdom of Pergamon and accepted as the first medical center of the world, Anatolian lands have always been an important geography in terms of medical science. Nowadays, it is a country that provides superfine services in the fields such as cardiological diseases, organ transplantation and dental implantion with many facilities such as modern hospitals, advanced facilities and experienced doctors specialized in their fields. These advantages which can be seen in every field of medicine are also seen at a high level in the field of dentistry and not only in big cities like Istanbul and Ankara, but also these facilities are easily accessible in cities such as Izmir and Antalya. Thanks to the direct flights by various airline companies, access to the airports in these cities is possible within a few hours. It is also an important advantage that all physicians and receptionists who serve in dental clinics in Turkey have a good command of English. Patients can convey all their discomfort or wishes directly to the physician and can easily understand each other with the physician. Besides, in Turkey, you can have dental implant treatment done with the best quality dental implant brands at one third of the prices in Europe, so you will get such a service which is very superior to world standards very cheaply. Turkey is the best option for making a wonderful holiday by staying in world-famous and awarded hotels as well as having cheaper dental implant treatment with superior quality.

How should I choose the clinic and the dentist for my dental implant therapy?

First, you should choose a dentist who an expert in the field. For example, for dental implant treatment, the dentist should be a specialist in Oral, Dental and Maxillofacial Surgery or Periodontology. In addition to a self-developed and experienced physician, it is important that the dental clinic in which the dentist works is also an institutional clinic. If the other staff at the clinic is successful in their field, it will also contribute to getting the right treatment for you. Of course, choosing a clinic that will try to eliminate the complications or discomforts that may occur after the treatments without aggrieving you will be the right choice. Another parameter is that the clinic is located at an easily accessible location and has flexible working hours so that it can make your appointments at the appropriate times. Of course, a dentist and dental staff who can build genial, understanding, healthy relationships with you and understand your expectations and do their best to meet them will help you overcome your concerns and increase the quality of the service that you will receive.

Periodontology Specialist DMD. Mehmet Ercan