Particularly in the 19th and 20th centuries, as a result of improvements in health and social life due to technological and economic developments that have gained great momentum, it is observed that the average life span is increasing all over the world. Parallel to this increase, there have been changes in demographic structure of the countries that could try "demographic shift" or "demographic earthquake". (5)

Geriatrics are known as an area that includes services that provide the care needed by the elderly community. (6) Geriatric tourism is a kind of health tourism that closely related people who have health problems over a certain age and pension companies. (7)

Disabled tourists: Disabilities; Suggesting sensory, functional, mental and spiritual differences of the body; Social or managerial attitudes and preferences may result in restrictions and obstacles in many areas of life. (8) It was not common that people with disabilities could take part in many aspects of life, such as employment, travel, tourism, shopping, leisure activities like unhindered people. As a result, travel, accommodation, and other items that make up the tourism infrastructure are very poorly handled by people with disabilities (9).

"The greatest minority of the world", says the disability, has begun to mean the world's largest private market for the tourism industry and this market has been discovered. Studies have begun not to catch the awareness catches and took its place in health tourism.

Areas of practice Clinical hotels, recreational areas, holiday villages and nursing homes

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