Health tourism is travel from one country to another fortreatment and holiday purposes in order to achieve health. The main goal ofhealth tourism is to get cheaper and better quality services.

Inshort, the trips made with the purpose of treatment are called health tourism.A health visitor is also called a health tourist. Spa treatments that arespecified as necessary for the patient's health by health report etc. are alsoincluded in health tourism.


Health tourism has grown rapidly in the last 10 years. Thenumber of travelers to health tourism has exceeded 20 million and reaches aturnover of USD 200 billion annually. Health tourism brings more foreignexchange to a country from the tourists coming to for holiday. Providing thecomfort of patients and their relatives and increasing treatment options are withinthe goals of health tourism. Due to the high level of education and welfare indeveloped countries, health services are also much costly in parallel. Thehealth needs and expenses of the elderly population are increasing day by day.This situation increases the costs of social security institutions in thecountry. Developed countries are negotiating with countries with high qualitymedical packages that serve the neighboring countries to overcome suchdifficulties. Turkey, USA, Germany, Thailand and India are the top 5 countriesin terms of international health tourism in the world.


Every organization that provides healthy living should beaccepted in health tourism. We can list in 3 main categories as varieties:

- Hospital Treatments Medical Tourism

- Thermal tourism

- Elderly and Disabled Tourism


Why do we prefer health tourism?

- To be able to make a holiday while getting treatment,

- To be able to get quality health service at much cheaper price,

- Health costs are expensive in the home country,

- Lack of sufficient technology or adequate health care peoplein the home country,

- To hide the treatment from the social circle,

- The desire of the elderly and the disabled people to be indifferent environments or to seek a more suitable environment,

- Due to limited holiday opportunities in the home countryor due to seasonal differences,


As aresult, health tourism is located in many areas and is related to many reasons.The main purpose of health tourism is to get treatment in another country withbetter possibilities. As a Medicawell team, we are presenting this serviceonline for you 7/24 with our technological infrastructure, advantageouscampaigns and certifications we have in this sector which has increased rapidlyin recent years. To benefit from advantageous treatment packages, pleasesubscribe here.