Healthy women can have children at any age.

We have received information about this issue in the days when advanced age pregnancies are getting popular. In the present day, when the advanced age pregnancies are getting complicated, we got information from expert of Academic Hospital Obstetrics, Obstetrics and Perinatology (Risky Pregnancy) Professor. Dr. Zehra Nese Kavak.

Can we mention that advanced age pregnancies have increased in recent years?

We can talk about changing conditions of life, a more active role for women in business life, an increase in the age of marriage, and an increase in later pregnancies. Today, both women and men marry at a later age because of education and career.

What risks do the people who are late to have children?

First of all, I must state; Old-age pregnancy is not as problematic as one might think. Who looks after himself well, healthy woman is automatically reducing the risks. Along with that, now the developing medical science and technology offers a lot of possibilities. Properly follow-up of risky pregnancy and when it is done by a specialist in this business, it is not impossible to have children at an advanced age. In fact, every pregnancy requires follow-up and can be risky, but in advanced-age pregnancies, multiple pregnancies, abortions, anomalies, ectopic pregnancies, placental problems, premature birth, or cesarean needs can be seen.We always say normal birth, but if it is a requirement, cesarean operations can be performed with high success. Other than that, it can be difficult to get pregnant. But when these pregnancies are followed up and problems are prevented from occurring, or when early diagnosis and precautions are taken, successful results are obtained. Of course, it is also important for mother to take better care of herself when she is older.

What can mother do about it?

First of all, if there is weight problem, it should be controlled before pregnancy. If diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure are present, they should be controlled in the same way. Healthy living, healthy eating, sports should be done. Before the pregnancy, smoking habits should be cut. Vitamin pills containing folic acid can also be taken. These are performed by a risky pregnancy specialist, which increases the success rate. Of course, if you look at the facts, this applies to all pregnancies. In fact, it is a topic that we all the physicians always point out to all these individuals. We can see pregnancy as risky in a woman who is under 35 years old but lives unhealthy. So keyword here is healthy life. Every job is health in the end.

Are you a young mother, do you suggest it to women?

Of course now we have a medicinal age range. Even the most suitable age can try between the ages of 18-24. But in this age, we accept an 18-year-old man as new from childhood. Usually 30 years old child owns. As I said, a 40-year-old age for a woman who looks after herself. You've got your life straightened up, the ages you are more consciously approaching life. Therefore, a healthy living woman can have children of all ages. Responsibility for raising children is also higher. However, the studies that have been conducted reveal that advanced age pregnancies lead to cell renewal.

Is there anything you would like to add to women who will be a mother after age 35?

First of all, they are not afraid. There is a prejudice in the society. They do not get a feeling like a problem. Today many women are happy to be a mother after 35 years of age. The caesarean section is a very common topic, but it has a normal birth rate of 60%. There is inaccurate information like pregnancy is difficult. They should not listen to them. In this regard, except for to the expert doctor who will monitor the pregnancy, does not listen to what others say.