Fatigue and nausea, which accompany the falling resistance of the body to excess fluid loss, can condemn a person to a bed. Remember, our diarrhea is also the leading cause of child mortality. Therefore diarrhea is not an inconvenience.


Diarrhea can be termed as a desire to go to the constant toilet, which is much more runny than the feces and disruption of the bowel movements. The World Health Organization also considers diarrhea more than three times a day as diarrhea. Diarrhea can be described as watery or slurred stools, urgent defecation needs and incontinence, persistent desire to go, thirst, nausea and vomiting, fever, fatigue, gas and pain in the abdomen. There can be different reasons why a person has diarrhea. However, the most important of these are the reasons based on environmental factors.

Poverty, living in crowded and unhealthy houses, sewerage problems, difficulties in obtaining clean water, food insufficiency and unhealthy food can be among the causes of diarrhea. Depending on the age of the patient, the effect of the bacterium varies. People with a healthy body can have severe diarrhea, while the disease is not severe, and the whole body is weak and children under the age of 7 years. Some factors are effective in children and others in adults. Insufficient personal hygiene also affects diarrhea formation.



The most important factor in diarrhea is loss of body water loss. The withdrawal of water from the body is very important with defecation. Care should be taken to ensure that this water is clean water. If necessary, this water should be boiled, cooled and consumed. For diarrhea, a mixture can easily be prepared at home. This mixture consists of salt and sugar. 1 tablespoon granulated sugar, 1 sweet spoon salt into 1 liter warm water. Taking half a glass of water after each defecation of this mixture is a very effective way to treat. Often, diarrhea in infants and children can be fatal, so this mixture is a saving treatment value for children and infants.


The nutrients we eat about diarrhea are also big. Depletion of pitted and fibrous foods will diarrhea as it will be beneficial in the regulation of the intestinal working system. Carrot, peeled apples, rice brine or rice juice, potato boiled or roasted, yoghurt and ayran are the main foodstuffs found in the home of many people and effective against diarrhea. However, since people with diarrhea will have an appetite, it is very important to eat and feed these foods even if they do not eat them. Especially yogurt is very important for bowel health. Bacteria found in yogurt prevent other harmful bacteria living in the intestine from living. There are also things that are well known among the public such as mineral water, soda, mixture of turkey and lemon, which is good for diarrhea. Dark tea, peach, rose petals or chestnut leaves are good ways to boil and drink. There are also foods that the patient should avoid, such as cheese, fatty and milky foods, artichokes, cabbage, brussel sprouts, diet biscuits, wholemeal bread, raw vegetables, quince, chocolate, fries. People with diarrhea should eat little and often, and the amount of fat in the diet should be reduced. In the short term, diarrhea should definitely be referred to a doctor