World health tourism interest Istanbul

The Istanbul Medical Tourism (IMT) Fair, held at the Istanbul Congress Center in Harbiye, opened a number of foreign companies from various countries. Simultaneously with the fair, the conference delegations and conference attendees' conference panels with local and foreign speakers also provide the latest information about the health tourism industry in Turkey and in the world.

TurkHealthTourism Chairman Kenan Acikök, who spoke about the organization that will run until Friday, June 13, said:

"We expect 10,000 visitors from Turkey and abroad to come to Istanbul Medical Tourism (IMT) Fair. Buying delegations from Bulgaria, the Netherlands, Sweden, Kosovo, Libya, Jordan, Yemen, Iraq, Algeria, Iran, Kyrgyzstan and United Arab Emirates met with Turkish companies. Significant business deals and partnerships are being made. In summary, we can say at the moment the heart of the world health tourism is taking place in Istanbul. "

TurkHealthTourism Chairman Kenan Acikök said that Turkey has achieved a remarkable trend in world health tourism, indicating that the Ministry of Health officials, medical tourism travel companies, doctors, intermediary institutions and hospitals are participating in fuels from various countries.

Attracting attention to the importance of the fair sponsored by the Ministry of Family and Social Policy, Acıkök said:

"One of the most popular sectors in recent years, Istanbul is the center of attention for health tourism. With the agreements to be made at the bilateral talks with the Fuard, we hope that the volume of health tourism investments will continue to increase. In recent years, we know the strategic importance that the state has given to this sector. The Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Culture have made important work for the sector. Investors are motivated to prioritize this business. For example, Konya, where the Mevlana Tomb that left behind the number of visitors of Topkapı Palace in the number of foreign tourists, is moving towards becoming a city. A tourist from abroad is making cultural tours, he carries out both treatments and also evaluates the resort facilities by visiting the thermal facilities in Afyon, Yalova and Sivas. In addition to this, regions such as Sapanca and Kartepe in the vicinity of Istanbul attract foreign patients coming to Istanbul for health in the sense of holiday. Patients who have had a medical treatment or have a medical operation stay in Turkey for a week and have a holiday. Increasing number of foreign tourists in recent years proved Turkey's potential in this sense "

Turkey is second in the world with the number of health care institutions accredited for quality of patient care and organization management. TurkHealthTourism Chairman Kenan Acikök said: "Turkey has become an important center of attraction. Private hospitals have European standards both physically and technologically. The point that Turkey has come about in health tourism in the last 10 years, with its geographical and strategic location, climate and service quality, is shown as a shining star in our country world with 1.5 billion human potential in 4 hour flight distance.