Many countries in the world had begun to focus on the core of medical tourism as a national tourism planning. In this field need cooperation between the ministry of health and ministry of tourism.

Patients who do medical tourism called medical tourist. Surgery is the most often treatments for this but not only that, there are some options for medical tourism for example about dental, fertility, and psychiatric.

If medical tourism is formulated in a summation, the formula proposed in Tourism is: An International Multidisciplinary Journal of Tourism:

There are many reasons why people prefer do a medicaltreatment abroad, not in their own country. Most people give the main reasonthat in foreign countries they can get a good health care and best treatmentsthat they can’t find in their country. Another reason is about price. Somecountry have ‘good price’. It means in abroad health care costs could becheaper than the county where they are from. Then, thereis a possibility of medical equipment in their country is not sufficient or notavailable so they have to seek treatments abroad. In addition, people travel and get different atmospheres also newexperience, but nonethelessfocus on the treatment issues(better handling for the health).