During the communication with people , the first thing calls our attention is obviously the face of the person.İf we want to evaluate socially, we notice individuals avoid to talk and laugh , continuously tend to close their mouths if they have bad teeth formation. As Dr.Nihat Tanfer pointed out that a healthy look passes through having healthy teeth , he informed us of Tanfer Clinic ‘ s quality and service concept in terms of world standards ; also indicates that they are among the first 50 clinics in the world.Tanfer Clinic is quite ambitious for the service they provide. In 1983 , Tanfer Clinic was established in Istanbul Nisantasi by Dr.Nihat Tanfer who says ‘This will be quite assertive but in terms of service, we are perhaps within the first 50 clinics in the world.’


Patients , visiting Tanfer Clinic Established over 750 meter square with 3 floors , are first directed to the third floor for examination.They are x – rayed , and a plan is created fort hem by the clinic doctors.Inside the clinic , the availability of foreigner patient unit provides great convenience for patients living out of the country. There is a CEO and four personnel in the management of this unit , and they communicate with the foreigner patients in many languages like English , German , French , Russian , Italian , Arabic , Kurdish.Dr.Tanfer underlines that the team in the clinic are exceptionally beyond the existing criteria in Turkey ; he indicates that thesame personnel have been working with him continuously for many years.Dr.Tanfer points out that the newest doctor has started to work at least 5 years ago in their clinic and continues to say ‘ Clinic director Works 22 years here , including financial department , everyove here Works for over 10 years.There are 35 people who have been integrated with one another such that everyone knows what to do , when to do. Despite the fact that the surgery team , nurses , assistant groups are all different, since they work together for a long period of time , they work in perfect harmony and very devoted.


Dr.Nihat Tanfer states that they treat each patient in world norms level in their clinic and he says ’16 implants are completed in the same day for a patient from England. After the treatment , the same day the patient can return back to England. After all , the next day the patient will not go through complications like pain and inflammations.Three of four months later , when the patient comes back , dental Work is finalized. In the world , there are very few clinics that are capable of applying this system ; therefore , I can say with peace of mind that we are in the first 50 clinics of the world.


Dr.Nihat Tanfer , particularly underlines the box technique and he says ‘with the box technique ,we are carrying on implantation process including bone on patients whom actually this process could never be applicable over their chin. Six or eight months later we are installing prostheses permanently.Patients form Germany , England , Dubai are treated in Tanfer Clinic whereas , they were previously told that they can never have implants. It can be said that Tanfer Clinic is the last stop of oral surgery.We prefer local anesthesia rather than general anesthesia when the box technique is applied. In our surgery room , we keep patients general health ( hearth rhythm,blood pressure)under control too.In Tanfer clinic,there is evertything that should be available in the surgery room of a good hospital.The Box Technique operation is applicable since three years in the world. With this operation , a bone is mad efor the patients chin.This is a very important application , because this is not an operation available everywhere. Box requires a team work.The Biggest criteria is that the doctor must have abtained surgeon Notion and must be well educated.Dr.Nihat Tanfer says ‘Box Technique is not an operation to carry out with a couple of persons,İt requires a serious team With this technique you are making a wall over the chin ; but our team is expert in these types of surgery.’


Dr.Nihat Tanfer states that the Box Technique is best understood by the people who were first told that they can not have prosthesis teeth , yet now they hear that this prosthesis is possible . As uttrered by Dr.Nihat Tanfer , patients , after having prosthesis teeth, are rejoicing as if they had a face transplantation. He continued to say ‘one of my patients said ,if I haf a face surgery, I would have been happy just as much , because the doctors told me I can’t have a permanent transplant teeth.In fact,owing to you I have it.’ The best side of being a doctor is being able to see the patients happiness after the treatment and enjoy it .As a matter of fact , if you dont enjoy it, you can’t be a doctor.


succesful tooth esthetic means , the application of the style and model with the most appropriate color based on the chin and face structure of a patient whose mouth infrastructure initially is very well prepared. At the Tanfer Clinic , when the patients apply for a dental esthetic , first , applicants Picture is taken and mouth and teeth measurements are taken.Later,the work starts.Thereafater , the most appropriate teeth have been made by evaluating the products to be used in the infrastructure of the tooth and the patient’s chin and facial physical structure.For instance , if it is smiling design , age , sex , lips , gums , tooth color of the skin are all taken into consideration.Dr.Tanfer points out that , in some cases , patients wants the sam efor certain patterns they have seen elsewhere ; and he says under such circumstances , we check if sucj a formation is appropriate to the patient. İf it is pertinent, we apply this formation to our patient. At the end , it is important to maket he patient happy.Following our treatment , our patients become happy when they receive positive reactions socially.This happiness in turn makes us happy.’

The Services provided at Tanfer Clinic

· Mouth tooth and chin surgery

· Box Technique

· Implant Treatment

· Dental Easthetic

· Gum Complications

· Canal Treatment

· Prosthesis

· Dental Fillings

·Bone Graft Application

·Sinus Treatment