Obesity, which is one of the major problems of our age, is still the most common chronic disease worldwide. Many methods are used when treating this disease (such as diet, exercise, behavior modification, and obesity surgery). Among these methods, obesity surgeon is still the most successful option, but surgery is more successful with diet and exercise programs besides it alone. However, some conditions are necessary to be an obesity surgeon. These terms: BMI means that the body mass index is 40 and over is 35 BMI and hypertension are additional diseases such as diabetes. However, cosmetic problems caused by obesity can also occur at lower BMI values.




This is actually the exit point of the stomach botox. Patients with a lower BMI, those who are suspected of being surgically scared, are the ideal patient group for stomach botox.


The midi is delivered endoscopically through an oral hose (that is, a non-surgical treatment) and then injected into various areas of the botox miden, a substance applied to correct the wrinkles on the skin, with the help of a very thin injector. The operation is finished after approximately 30 minutes of operation. Botox is a substance that prevents muscle contractions. For this reason, mimic is used to correct wrinkles. As long as the stomach works well, it prevents the muscles in the stomach wall from contracting, thus stopping the release of the appetite hormone secreted by stomach contraction. So you will not have an appetite, so you'll be hungry later. In addition, as the stomach contractions decrease, the stomach empties earlier and later, so that the weight loss process is triggered. After all, if you have a compliant patient and do not eat carbonated beverages, ready-to-eat sugary foods after the procedure, you can easily reach the desired weight if you do sports.


Botox has no known side effect. 6 months after  got it, it is complained that it has gone through but it is the part that is nice for the stomach. It reaches ideal weight in 6 months, you do not need additional dose if you have your diet and get sports habit but if you do not or want to lose more weight, the same procedure can be easily done.



We only need 4-5 hours to get from you to pass the effects of hunger and anesthesia.


It is absolutely necessary to check this once a month to ensure that both motivation and success are consolidated. Briefly, Stomach BOTOX is an effective and successful method that is easy to apply for patients with appropriate indication. Healthy lives.