Internal medicine

It is the foundation for all other medical departments, providing medical and therapeutic services for patients over the age of 16 years, both clinically and non-surgically.
After initial tests, appropriate treatment is provided to patients who have been tested by appropriate diagnostic and testing methods such as biochemistry (blood glucose testing, cholesterol, thyroid testing, complete blood analysis, etc.) and radiological tests (CT and resonance imaging Magnetic, mammography, bone imaging, etc.). It is provided for clinical and non-clinical treatment as well as for the patient to be transferred to the appropriate section when needed. In addition, patients are assessed and followed up before and after surgery.
A different age group screening program is followed in coordination with the Department of Internal Medicine, so that detailed laboratory and radiological testing methods are followed. Consultations are obtained from other medical departments as needed to obtain early diagnosis of cases during treatment services.
In the Internal Medicine Department, upper and lower respiratory diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid diseases, gastrointestinal diseases and rheumatic diseases are monitored and treated.