Nutrition and diet

The nutrition and diet unit at ALGOMED private hospital provides efficient, reliable and high quality services to according to the international standards in order to protect the health of our patients, with the help of experienced and competent staff, as well as the examination of diseases with modern technical equipment and the procedures of examination, diagnosis and treatment.
We provide extensive nutrition counseling services from childhood to adulthood, special nutrition programs for patients with chronic diseases, as well as nutrition programs for pregnancy, lactation and nutrition after obesity surgery.

  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Personal Diet
  • Nutrition in chronic diseases
  • Nutrition in pregnancy and lactation
  • Enteral - Parenteral Nutrition
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Nutrition after Bariatric Surgery

Nutrition and Dietary Services
Nutritionists prepare special nutrition programs and teach patients how to get healthy nutrition in order to achieve a change behavior for patients with problems in their diets. In order to achieve this, the patient's dietary habits are monitored and examined. The muscle mass of the patients is examined by special technical devices, in addition to monitoring the amount of minerals, protein, body fluids, dietary metabolism, body fat, weight and BMI. The "personalized food treatment" is planned according to the results of the blood analysis for the purpose of health protection and treatment. The program is applied and monitored every 15 days. After reaching the desired weight, the person is transferred to the protection program.

Diabetes or gestational diabetes
Patients with diabetes or gestational diabetes are given special treatment, follow-up and education. Adequate feeding programs are also provided to prevent any complications.

Nutrition in pregnancy and lactation
Healthy and balanced nutrition for mother and child during pregnancy and lactation is very important. By following this method of nutrition, the mother avoids weight gain, meets the food and basic needs of the child, and helps to provide enough milk for the child during the period of breastfeeding.

Nutrition in intensive care unit
Food therapy is applied in the intensive care unit through  enteral paranteral nutrition. Nutrition is provided to patients in clinical cases by a nutritionist, who prepared special menu for patient.

Nutrition for inpatients
 Food treatments are performed for inpatient  by nutritionist who prepare  the nutrients according to the inpatient.

Personal Diet
The diet program is organized and monitored according to the age  of individuals and  their needs. Training is provided to get proper eating habits and to change bad eating habits.

Nutrition in obesity

 The diet used to treat obesity depends primarily on the personal situation. Diet program is prepared according to the person's age, gender, habits, biochemical results, physical activity, presence of a disease and degree of obesity.

Nutrition after obesity surgery
After obesity surgery, a change is made in the long-term dietary habits to increase the quality of nutrition, which aims to develop healthy eating habits and maintain the ideal weight. The clinical results and the measurement of the dimensions of the body (anthropometric) are also followed up.