Diagnosis and Treatment Methods in Our Eye Clinic
  Diagnostic methods
  • Refractive Testing
  • Measuring the pressure of the eye
  • Examine the depth of the eye in people with diabetes
  • Examination of retinopathy in infants
  • Detection and cracking of retinal ruptures
Methods of Treatment
  • Medical treatment for bluish eye disease
  • Application of drug therapy in vitreous to patients with diabetes
  • Treatment of glass-eye injection in patients with age-related macular degeneration
Laser Therapy
  • Laser treatment of bleeding in the depth of the eye in patients with diabetes
  • Close the cracks in the retina using the laser
  • Use the laser to remove the bluish eye in the narrow corners
  • Apply tartar using laser to remove blue eye in wide angles
  • Conducting the portfolio (in the eye) after cataract surgery
Surgical treatment
  • Cataract treatment in a way that emulsifies the lens
  • Retinal and vitreous surgery
  • Surgery
  • Blue eye surgery