In our department, arthroscopic surgery, treatment of extremity fractures and dislocations, diagnosis and treatment of sports injuries are performed by our experienced specialists.
Diseases Diagnosed and Treated:
Diseases requiring arthroscopic diagnosis and treatment
Hand and upper extremity injuries and diseases
Child orthopedics
Diseases requiring knee surgery and prosthesis
Diseases requiring hip surgery and prosthesis
Revision surgery of hip and knee prosthesis
Tumors of bone and soft tissue
Fractures and dislocations
Diseases of the spine
Sports injuries
Damage to traumas caused by a fall, sports injury, work accident or traffic accident may vary from simple soft tissue crushing to fragmented fractures in large bones, depending on the severity of the trauma. Trauma patients are usually the first intervention in the emergency department after the operation of the joint - bone and motion system conditions (fractures, soft tissue trauma) constitute the area of interest of orthopedics. We can discuss the issues and treatments of orthopedics under the following headings;
Trauma Surgery
Arm and leg fractures
Fractures due to bone resorption
Hip fractures
Joint dislocations
Joint Calcification-Arthrosis
Hip replacement
Knee replacement
Arthroscopy and Sports Injuries
Meniscus ruptures
Anterior and posterior cruciate ligament tears
Cartilage injuries
In sports injuries that occur in large joints, arthroscopic methods are generally used. The procedure is completed without any damage to the surrounding tissues by entering the camera with many small incisions into the joint. The biggest advantage of this is that the patient can return to the general life and work early. injury and cartilage injury are treated.
Spine Diseases
Waist shift
Narrow canal
Curvature of the spine (Scoliosis)
Humpback (kyphosis)
Waist and neck hernia
Spinal fractures
Bone cementing (Vertebroplasty, Kyphoplasty)
Inborn or postpartum spine; Scoliosis, kyphosis (sphincter), spondylolisthesis, spinal stenosis, spinal aging problems, ankylosing spondylitis, osteoporosis (osteoporosis), fractures, dislocations, spinal injuries and spine infections are some of the areas of interest in spinal surgery.
The fractures of the spine due to bone resorption are treated by closed method, without bleeding during surgery, by cement method (Vertebroplasty, kyphoplasty) under local anesthesia.
Hand and Hand Wrist Surgery
Hand tendon, nerve and vascular injuries
Nerve entrapment
Hand and wrist diseases