Physical Therapy Unit

Although it is commonly used in movement system disorders, it is possible to use the methods of physical therapy and rehabilitation in the chronic period of the other system disorders or in the healing phase
Physical therapy and rehabilitation are two complementary concepts, which use physical tools and exercises for the treatment of various diseases

The Most Commonly Used Disorders of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation are the following
Waist and neck hernia 
Painful discomfort in the shoulder, knee, foot and heel 
Rheumatic diseases that cause joint pain and movement arrest 
Osteoporosis, commonly known as bone resorption 
Limitations of joint motion due to fractures and other orthopedic reasons, hand operations, before and after prosthetic operations 
Half body paralysis called stroke 
Spinal cord injuries caused by work or traffic accidents 
Congenital or postoperative paralysis in children and spastic cases 
Impaired joint pain and movement limitation after fracture 
In spinal curvature called scoliosis, spinal problems related to old age 
Sports injuries 
Problems related to obesity, hypertension and cholesterol elevation 
In such cases, it is possible to list some of the most commonly used physical therapy methods available in the Rehabilitation Center
Hot Treatments: Infrared, Hot pack, Paraffin
Cold TreatmentsColdpack, Cryotherapy 
Electrical Treatments: TENS, Interference, Electrostimulation, Compex
Vacuum Treatment Methods: Classic Vacuum, Vacumed and Cupping Treatments 
Laser Therapies: Classic Laser And Hilterapi (High Intensity Laser)
Shock Therapy (ESWT) 
Magnetic Field Treatment 
Specific Exercise Treatments 
Traction And Vertetrac Treatments 
Ozone Therapy 
Pool And Other Hydrotherapy Methods 
Robotic Rehabilitation 


Rehabilitation, illness or accidental injury of someone who has been left behind, the ability to use this power to compensate for this loss and can be defined as all of the work done to be independent again in daily life. Accordingly, the main groups of patients who can benefit from rehabilitation are 
Paralysis and loss of motion due to various causes
Painful disorders affecting the movement system, rheumatic diseases,
Congenital or subsequent spastic paralysis in children
Movement and function loss after orthopedic surgery
Functional losses after prolonged inactivity due to various diseases
Sports injuries
Obesity (obesity)
Movement losses due to old age and other causes
Spine disorders vvc