Both open and closed surgeries are performed in the urology department. Kidney stones and urinary tract operations are performed by endoscopy to discharge the patient on the same day or after a day. All cystoscopy procedures are applied. All diseases of infertility and impotence are diagnosed and treated effectively and quickly.
Urologists study urinary and reproductive diseases in women and men. People who feel the presence of stones can also perform urine analysis and radiography. If the result is normal, they can drink an extra 1-2 liters of water to avoid the formation of gravel.
Diseases that are diagnosed and treated:

  • Prostate diseases
  • Diseases of gravel
  • Prostate, kidney, bladder, testicular and all parts of the collection system.
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Male diseases (erectile dysfunction, disinfection, premature ejaculation ...)
  • Urology in children (inoculation, circumcision, migraine, venous refraction, ureteral stenosis, and stone diseases in children ...)
  • Female diseases (urinary incontinence, vaginal fistula, urinary bladder systole ...)
  • Neurology
  • Urology can be treated with laparoscopy

In recent years, medicine has started to alleviate pain in patients and to follow the methods that reduce the clinical period of patients. These methods are endoscopic methods, so that the method of endoscopy is used in the operations of bags, kidney stones and large stones in the bladder, in addition to the process of testicular migration in children and operations Bladder.
In our clinic, laparoscopy or laparoscopy is performed, a short and simple surgical procedure performed in the abdomen or pelvis and used either to examine and diagnose a condition or to perform surgery. Because the area of ​​the abdomen and pelvis is sensitive and narrow, the operations are performed as shown in the picture below in a standard manner. It is also important that the patient be discharged from the hospital shortly and the endoscopic effect on the patient is very limited.