Diet and Nutrition are important components of recovering from surgery, illness as well as general health. The Department of Nutrition at Burjeel Hospital helps you achieve your health goals by providing expert counselling and nutrition education. Our world class team of nutrition specialists customizes nutrition plans for the requirements of inpatients and outpatients.

Outpatient clinic services

With the help of the body composition analyzer we determine key information about your current body which include

  • The present weight of the individual
  • The percentage of fat present in the body
  • The amount of fat and lean mass present in the body
  • The Body Mass index of the body
  • Ideal body weight

Based on the information obtained, the experts at the department of diet and nutrition can

  • Help patients to improve their quality of life through Nutrition counseling and dietary plans
  • Provide Medical Nutrition Therapy to patients in compliance with their Medical Diagnosis
  • Educate obese patients on weight reduction
  • Design meal plans which are personalized as per the needs and requirements of each guest

In patient clinic services

  • Nutrition Screening and Assessment is done
  • Medical Nutrition Therapy and education is provided based on the Nutrition Assessment
  • Choice menu cards are provided during their stay in the hospital to ensure they get meals according to their preferences