Also known as  , smart laser, baby face laser (due to its skin brightening effect).

Thulium smart laser is one of the latest laser technologies. It is a fractional laser with a 1927 nm wavelength which directly targets the melanocytes located at the dermo-epidermal junction.

 Thulium laser is very effective in the teratment of spots and usually used for the treatment of spots occured due to sun or spot light, aging, pregnancy, environmental factors and hormonal

changes .In addition to spot treatment it is also used for fine wrinkles, scars, acne scars and to tighten the skin.

It is applied after local anethesic creams so very litlle pain and burning sensation lasting for 1 hour is felt.

Sometimes only one session gives highly effective results in selected cases. If needed 3 sessions can be applied with 1 month intervals.

beauty center in which hair transplantation ,hair  mesotherapy , thulium lazer ,botox applications,skin care and different cosmetic applications can be fulfilled.

In our beauty center  hair  mesotherapy  ,botox applications,skin care and different cosmetic applications are fulfilled.