(The Best Solution For Regional Fat Deposition Problems  )

Lipomatic is an FDA approved device that allows safe and effective high volume liposuction in all body areas with precision. In Lipomatic, the fat cells are first broken down with a tool called the cannula by it’s vibratory motions and then fat is gently aspirated from the body.

Advantages of Lipomatic

Safe, effective and easy

If cannula meets non-fatty tissues, the active security system allows an immediate stop which ensures giving no harm to adjacent non-fatty tissues.

Little or no pain hence it has a very tiny tip

Allows excellent skin retraction due to increased subcutenous adhesion and collogen deposition effect.

Shorter operative time

Rapid recovery

Effective for erasing skin lines occurring  after giving birth or fast weight gain and lose episodes.


2- Treatment of obesity by endoscopic gastric intramural injection of botulinum toxin (botox)

(non-surgical weight lose procedure )

Endoscopic Gastric botox is a procedure that speeds up weight loss by using botox to temporarily relax the muscles of the stomach. Botox will cause gastric motility to slow down making the person feel full more quickly and for longer than usual, reducing the overall amount of food consumption. The procedure duration is about 15-20 minutes and scientific data showes that  patients lose about 40 % percent of their extra body weight in the first six monthes after the procedure .

As the procedure is carried out endoscopically , this application can be applied to every patient safely even to ones carrying high surgical risks.