In Derindere Hospital, different anesthetic methods are applied according to the nature of the operations and the condition of the patient. For this reason, all patients who will undergo surgery are evaluated by an anesthesiologist before surgery. Patient is prepared for surgery after the type of surgery to be performed and the most appropriate anesthesia method are determined.

General Anesthesia

temporarily loss of consciousness and sense of pain is ensured with anesthesia and anesthetic medication supervised by anesthesiologist without stopping the vital functions of the person. the anesthetic drugs are cut off and the patient is awakened within a few minutes after the operation is completed.

Local Anesthesia

The patient's consciousness is awake. But the sensation of pain was interrupted.


Performed Operations in The Department

.General Surgery




.Gynecology and Obstetrics

.Orthopedics and Trauma

.Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

.Anesthesia and intensive care services can be served for brain surgery.