In the department of General Surgery, all the diagnostic and treatment services are carried out in modern operating rooms where current technologic devices are used in various interdisciplinary collaborations such as anesthesia, radiology, internal diseases and pathology.

Disease Groups That Diagnosis and Treatment in Our Department:

.Guatr (Thyroid) diseases

.Breast diseases,

.Gastrointestinal system endoscopy (Endoscopy, Colonoscopy, etc.)

.Food borne and stomach diseases,

.Morbid obesity treatment approach,

.Non-surgical constipation with biofeedback, fecal incontinence / fecal incontinence therapy,

.Liver diseases,

.Biliary and bile duct surgery,

.Treatment of pancreatic diseases,

.Thin and large intestinal diseases,

.Rectum diseases,

.Pilonidal sinus (rotation of hair),

.Abdominal wall hernias (hernia).