Adult Intensive Care

Our Intensive Care Units for diagnosis and treatment of patients who are at risk of critical life or require close follow-up after surgery. It designed according to the needs of patients, including General Intensive Care, Surgical Intensive Care, Coronary Intensive Care, and Newborn Intensive Care. In our unit, follow-up and treatment of serious infections, respiratory insufficiency, post-operative follow-up, cerebral hemorrhage, body trauma or sudden paralysis are performed with success and self-sacrifice.

Newborn Intensive Care

Newborn Intensive Care Unit, which provides all medical and surgical services for our babies 24 hours a day, has neonatal intensive care specialist, nurse team and breast feeding consultant.

In our unit, all the treatments that necessary for our babies are made and our families are informed at every stage of the treatment process. Parents are spent time with their baby during the intensive care period. So our babies can feel of parental affection.