Oculoplastic and orbital surgery is a branch of ophthalmology which deals with eyelids, lachrymal ducts and orbital diseases. From removal of eye bags to prosthetic eyes, and intraocular tumor surgeries to Botox, all kinds of treatment and plastic surgery applications are performed through oculoplastic and orbital surgery.

Eyelids are much more sensitive than other body tissues. They comprise the muscles that open and close the eyelids, fatty tissue, lacrimal gland, skin and supportive tissue. In oculoplastic and orbital surgery, care should be exercised to protect overall eye health. It is essential in all surgical interventions to avoid damaging the intact tissues and work only where necessary. It is of great importance that the operation is performed by ophthalmologists who are knowledgeable about eyelid anatomy and principles of plastic surgery, are trained in oculoplastic surgery and have extensive case experience.