Ocular oncology deals with tumors developing in the eyes and periocular tissues.

Eyelid Tumors

Nearly ¾ of the tumors developing in the eyelids and surrounding area are benign tumors. If persistent wounds develop in the eyelids, an ophthalmologist should be consulted to determine if they are related to a malignant tumor. Surgical treatment should be performed.

Lacrimal System Tumors 

Lacrimal gland tumors are more common than tumors of the tear drainage system. Prevalence is higher in adults. While treatment changes according to the type of tumor, treatment methods include surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Intraocular Tumors (Melanoma)

Melanoma of the uvea is the most common intraocular tumor seen in adults. It is not life-threatening as long as it remains inside the eye. For large tumors, surgical treatment and removal of the eye (enucleation) is necessary. For smaller tumors, radiation therapy (radiotherapy), plaque radiotherapy (brachytherapy) and transpupillary thermotherapy (TTT) can be performed.

Intraocular Tumors (Retinoblastoma)

Retinoblastoma is the most common intraocular tumor seen in childhood. Surgery, radiation therapy (radiotherapy) and laser are the techniques used today.

Capillary Hemangioma

Capillary hemangiomas are benign lesions consisting of overgrowth of capillaries. Developing around the eyes, particularly in the eyelids, and behind the eyes, they are congenital or occur within the first months following birth. Lesions affecting vision require treatment.

Cavernous Hemangioma

This is the most common benign orbital tumor seen in adults. Hemangiomas should be removed surgically.


Although this is a benign vascular lesion, complete recovery is difficult since it spreads between intraorbital tissues and continues to grow. Treatment varies by case.


This is one of the common tumors of the orbita and its incidence is increasing. Radiation therapy (radiotherapy) and chemotherapy are given according to the case.


This is one of the benign neurogenic tumors of the orbita. Treatment varies by case.

Optic Glioma

This is a tumor of the optic nerve and optic tracts. Radiotherapy or surgical treatment can be preferred depending on the condition of the eye.


This is the most common malignant orbital tumor seen in children. Surgical treatment, radiation therapy (radiotherapy) and drug therapy (chemotherapy) are applied at the same time.