What Is Conservative Dental Treatment?

Conservative dental treatment is a dentistry branch aiming the treatments of the decays in early stage fomed in the crust of the tooth such as enamel or dentine and providing the vividity of the tooth by ceasing the progress of the decays. Hence the next steps such as endodontics (canal treatment) or taking out the tooth is hampered. The losses of the dental materials are treated with tooth filling with aesthetic functional and oral tissues.

The bacteria plate made of the bacteria in the mouth could form acids out of the particles of the sugary and bakery products. These acids result in the solution of the mineral tissue of the teeth and damage on the dental enamel and hence tooth decay. In the choice of the filling type to be applied to the patient, the area to be applied, chewing forces effective in this area, the aesthetic expectations of the patient and the loss amount of the material are quite important.

Types of Filling

Amalgam Fillings:

It has been the most preferred filling material for years due to the fact that it is durable and economic. Nowadays, the aestethic demands of the dental patients, rumours of the effects of the mercury on human health and developments on the adhesive systems (fillings on the dental color) result in diminishing of this material gradually.

 Composite Fillings:

They are the restorations with dental color preferred in the incidents where the aesthetics is especially important. It is not necessary to remove the material from the tooth so as to provide conservativeness as in the amalgam fillings due to the connection prosperities with the teeth, only the removal of the decay is important.