Wisdom Teeth

As we all know, the wisdom teeth are third molar teeth in our mouth, appearing the last. Wisdom teeth usually appear between the ages of 17-25. The issue of leaving these teeth in the mouth or not is controversial. If they grow in proper position and does not harm the surrounding tissue, it is no harm in leaving them. Considering the possible damages of a tooth with abnormal position, merged into the jawbone with abnormal position (detected by x-ray), it could be determined to take it out. In case of any narrow place behind the teeth, growth of the tooth could be hampered by gingiva, bone and other neighbor tooth.

What are the situations that make the tooth’s being taken out necessary?

    • The saliva, bacteria and food particles accumulate in the hole that the new coming tooth forms and threaten the wisdom tooth and the molar tooth next to it. It is very hard to determine and treat this kind of decays. There could be heavy cases which could result in pain and infection and end up with apsis.
    • Gingival Diseases (Pericoronitis)


  • An infection focus where the bacteria and food particles accumulate in the gingiva of a wisdom tooth coming out in part forms. This situation results in bad breath, pain, oedema and trismus (the situation of not being able to open the mouth completely). The infection could be spread by lymphs to the cheeks and neck. This area prone to be infected around the wisdom tooth is open to be infected easily.
    • Pressure Pain

  • In case of any pressure to the neighboring teeth during the growth, there may be some pain felt because of the squeezing. This situation results in abrasion in some cases.
    • Orthodontic Reasons

  • Many young people have orthodontic treatment so as to fix their perplexity on their teeth. Since the growth pressure of the wisdom teeth are reflected to the other teeth, there may be some moves on the other teeths, increase in perplexity.
    • Reasons Regarding Dentures

  • It is necessary to take into consideration the wisdom teeth in the mouth where the denture plan is made because after taking out the wisdom teeth, it will be necessary to make new denture for the changed mouth structure.
    • Formation of Cyst

    • The cystic incidents have been monitored because of an embedded tooth. The cyst results in the bone ruin, chin expansion, replacing or being damaged of the neighboring teeth. The tooth should be taken out and the cyst should be cleaned so as to hamper the bone ruin. This cyst rarely spreads very wide areas and it may be turned into tumour and it may result in self-ruins in the jawbone.

Will Only The Antibiotics Be Enough?

The antibiotics could provide only a short term relief. Since the unconscious use of various antibiotics is widespread in our society, the antibiotics taken may not always affect in the microorganism resulting in the complaints. Even if they are efficient, they cannot remove the actual problem. Namely, even if the antibiotics are taken, the problematic tooth is still in the mouth.