Why is root canal therapy done?

Firstly, you should know that, no one artificial tooth replace a natural tooth. So we should protect our natural teeth by treatments, till the last point. When one of our teeth gets ill, one of the most known protection method is root canal treatment. Root canal treatment assists to protect damaged teeth. Pulp (nerve, blood vessels, lymph containing soft layer in tooth) dies when it gets damaged so hard that cannot repair itself. Generally, bacteria in broken teeth and deep cavities cause it. Bacteria lead to inflammation in dental pulp. If damaged or infected pulp are not taken out, then the tooth and the tissue around it are exposed the infection. At the end you can lose your tooth completely.

What is root canal therapy and how is performed?

Root canal therapy is performed when pulp is damaged. In the past years, when dentists encountered with an infected soft tooth layer; whilst the only solution was extraction, today healing of these teeth is possible.

What happens, if root canal therapy is not done?

When a pulp cannot repair itself due to deep cavity or cracks, it lose its vitality, the infection can spread all over the tooth. If root canal therapy is not performed, the infection can reach the root apex. The jawbone around the tooth also erodes away with the infection. An abscess develops in the resultant space. Pain and swelling join in this picture and the tooth is lost in a short time.

Phases of root canal therapy;

  • Firstly, anesthesia is done on the tooth to maintain a painless treatment.
  • Then caries is removed, when dental pulp is reached, the infected soft tissue is taken out.Nerve and tissue residue are cleared away.
  • The tooth canal is reshapened till the root apex. If needed, some medicine can be applied to accelerate healing.
  • Between the sessions the tooth is covered with temporary filling material till the tooth is healed. After deduction of stopped exudation and ending of exudate running from the apex, the root canal is filled with a special filling material till the end of apex and the crown part is restorated, filled with porcelain material (onlay) or covered with denture for preventing decomposition or breaking.
  • In some cases without necessity of these sessions root canal treatment can be accomplished in one session.

How long is the lifetime of a canal root treatment applied tooth?

If the tooth does not get infection again and decay preventing precautions are taken, this restoration can be used all life. You can spot the beginning of infection with regular dentist visits. Besides, you can prevent decaying of tooth again, with a very good oral care.