Oncogynecology, surgical oncology  

Our advantages

-         Over 100 different gynecologic surgeries using endoscopic methods

-         High-tech equipment

-         Professional, qualified specialists

-         High-quality treatment, international guidelines

-         Laboratory with ISO Certificate in Quality Management


Outpatient services:

·         Gyneco-endocrinology

·         Treatment of menstrual cycle pathologies

·         Treatment of premenstrual syndrome

·         Treatment of spontaneous abortion

·         Conservative treatment of uterine myoma

·         Treatment of endometriosis

·         Infertility diagnostics (hystero-salpingography) and treatment

·         Menopause and hormone replacement therapy

·         Mammary gland – diagnostics, treatment

·         Uterine prolapse – plastic surgery on vaginal walls

·         Simultaneous (combination) surgeries

·         Treatment of inflammatory conditions (colpitis, adnexitis, endo-myometritis)

·         Diagnostics of sexually transmitted infections (trichomonas, chlamydia, etc.) and treatment

·         Stress-incontinence in women

·         Treatment of polyps in the reproductive system

·         Non-inflammatory conditions of the cervix – diagnostics, outpatient and/or surgical treatment

·         Non-inflammatory conditions of the vulva – diagnostics, outpatient treatment


Diagnostic services

·         Cytology

·         Histomorphology

·         Cervical cancer screening, etc.

·         For diagnostics and treatment of cervical pathologies, a colposcopy is performed using modern DYSIS equipment. This equipment offers unique opportunities for diagnosis and identifies damaged regions of the cervical area. Correct diagnosis allows for interpretation of the pathology and targeted biopsy as necessary.


Open and laparoscopic surgeries:

·         Minimally invasive procedures (curettage of the cervical canal and uterus, excision of the cervix), hysteroscopy

·         Radical hysterectomy with iliac and para aortic lymphadenectomy;

·         Chemotherapy

·         Uterine cyst, ectopic pregnancy, ovarian cyst torsion, cyst rupture, etc.

·         Myomectomy, preserving the uterus

·         Hysterectomy

·         Oophorectomy

·         Salpingectomy

·         Cystectomy

·         Vaginal hysterectomy with colpoperineoplastics

·         Colpopexy

·         Vulvectomy

·         Anterior, posterior and total resection

·         Preserving the tubes, etc.


Reproductive surgery

-         Hysteroscopy

-         hysteroresectoscopy

-         Combining hysteroscopy-hysteroresectoscopy and laparoscopic surgery


Surgical gynecology/endoscopy:  

·         Diagnostic and surgical hysteroscopy

·         Ectopic pregnancy

·         Sterilization and luminal reconstruction-plastic surgery

·         Ovarian cyst, hydrosalpingitis, pyosalpingitis – cystectomy, adnexectomy, tubectomy;

·         Drilling for polycystic ovarian syndrome;

·         Uterine myoma (myomectomy, total and subtotal hysterectomy) – vaginal myomectomy

·         Endometriosis

·         Infertility

·         Oncogynecology

·         Intraabdominal chemotherapy – laparoscopy and laparotomy

·         Trophoblastic disease (mole, chorion-epithelioma)