The department is equipped with modern infrastructure and medical devices, including operating theatres and intensive care units. The hospital offers modern standard oncology services including:

·         Full diagnostics of hematologic and oncologic diseases

·         Bone marrow biopsy

·         Treatment of hematologic and oncologic diseases in outpatient and inpatient departments

·         Chemotherapy, hormone therapy, immunotherapy, targeted therapy

·         Surgical services.


Modern operating theatres and post-operative wards offer 24-hour care to patients.


Various diagnostic tools available include:


·         Computer Tomography (CT);

·         Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI);

·         Ultrasound;

·         Digital X-rays;

·         Full laboratory services;

·         Endoscopy;

·         Digital mammography;

·         Bone marrow biopsy and aspiration;

·         Digital angiography;

·         CT angiography;

·         Liver triphasic volumetry.


Currently we perform these types of surgical procedures:

·         Laparoscopy;

·         Endoscopic (transurethral) surgeries in urology, using modern electrosurgical blocks;

·         Surgical treatment of oncologic patients.


Open surgeries:

·         Distal gastrectomy with lymphodissection;

·         Proximal gastrectomy with lymphodissection;

·         Gastrectomy;

·         Right-sided colectomy with lymphodissection;

·         Left-sided colectomy with lymphodissection;

·         Rectal excision;

·         Retroperitoneal tumor excision;

·         Excision of pheocromocytomas;

·         Whipple and other radical procedures for pancreatic head, body and tail tumors;

·         Segmental and hemi-liver resection including biliary ducts (tumors);

·         Gall bladder cancer removal with lymphadenectomy and liver resection;

·         Metastatic secondary lesions.



·         Cholecystectomy;

·         Choledochus exploratory syrgery;

·         Hemicolectomy;

·         Rectal excision;

·         Liver segmental resection;

·         Lung resection.