Our advantages:

-Highly skilled and experienced specialists;

-Latest methods and technologies of treatment;

-Short-term and simple post-surgical rehabilitation;

-Laboratory with ISO 9001:2015 international certificate;

-Modern infrastructure and patient-oriented service.


Our services:


-Blepharoplasty (plastic operation on eyelids);

-Facial rejuvenation by means of endoscopic technology;

-Cicatrectomy and local plastic surgery of skin;

-Otoplasty (plastic operation on auricle);

-Reduction mammoplasty – reduction of breast size;

-Breast reconstruction;

-Abdominoplasty (plastic surgery of the abdominal wall);

-Liposuction (removing excessive fat);

-Reconstructive surgery;

-Blood vessel surgery;

-Intimate surgery;

-“Botox” or “Dysport” injections; Biocompatible gel; Treatment of keloid scars.