Medicine Hospital's Coronary Intensive Care Unit is home to patients suffering or at risk of suffering from heart attack, going into shock due to any cardiac disorder and rhythm disorders or irregularities to make an intervention for as well as non-cardiac disorders and to patients that call for close follow-up in cardiac terms. In addition, the coronary intensive care unit is where patients with a cardiac surgery spend some adaptation and recovery time before taken to a hospital room.


Medicine Hospital's Coronary Intensive Care Unit is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and cutting-edge devices to gauge ECG, blood pressure, pulse, oxygen level in blood, respiratory loss and body temperature for patients while they are all centrally and concurrently monitored by a main counter.



- The Coronary Intensive Care Unit makes any type of Cardiac Emergency Intervention.

- Thrombolytic Therapy

- Coronary Angiography

- Stent procedures

- Balloon angioplasty

- Temporary and permanent pacemaker procedures

- Unstable Angina Pectoris

- Myocardial infarction

- Cardiac failure

- Rhythm disorders

- Right/Left Heart Catheterization