Our emergency department provides swift diagnostic and therapeutic services for patients by a team of emergency healthcare professionals including specialists at your disposal for 24/7. Any patient presented with an emergency case or a case thought to be emergency is admitted to the Emergency Service. Equipped with state-of-the-art devices, the emergency service offers initial treatment and examinations. In addition, first responses and tests are conducted in no time in intervention rooms and other technically-equipped rooms. Our ambulances provide those to be admitted from home with services as well. The fact that there are two separate entrances allocated for outpatients and those admitted by an ambulance makes sure that patients are properly and rapidly admitted to emergency service in line with privacy rules. If required, our ambulances are capable of transferring patients, transporting incubators and newborn infants. The ambulance team is comprised of a physician, paramedics and drivers with first aid training.


Our Emergency Service provides for the following:


- Orthopedics and Traumatology

- Accident-induced Surgery

- Emergency Surgical Operations

- Internal Diseases

- Pediatrics

- Ambulance Service for 24 Hours

- Cardiac diseases

- Stroke

- Infections

- Cerebral hemorrhage

- Diabetic coma

- Digestive system diseases

- Respiratory tract diseases

- Gynecological diseases

- Electric shock etc.