The Adult Intensive Care Unit is at your disposal for 24 hours by courtesy of specialists, experienced and well-trained intensive care nurses and other allied healthcare professionals. Each bedhead of the unit is equipped with state-of-the-art mechanical ventilators, patient monitors, infusion pumps and other necessary equipment. The unit is home to orthopedic beds that are particularly designed for intensive care with capability to allow for positions, fit for a patient's external appearance and minimize potential injuries. 



- Sudden cardiac and respiratory arrest 

- Head trauma 

- Spinal cord trauma & general body trauma 

- Any type of patient in shock 

- Acute respiratory failures (pulmonary trauma, pulmonary edema) 

- Chronic respiratory failures   

- Severe metabolic disorders and Acid-Base imbalance 

- Nervous system diseases (cerebral hemorrhage) 

- Blood diseases (myasthenia, ALS etc.) 

- Fluid electrolyte disorders 

- Any type of poisoning 

- Following major and long-lasting operations 

- Pregnancy poisoning  

- Tetanus