This department renders uninterrupted services for 24 hours for the benefit of infants with a need for intensive care by courtesy of an experienced squad of nurses under the guidance of specialists with expertise in neonatology. Starting from the week 24 of pregnancy, the Intensive Care Unit for Newborns provide advanced care services for high-risk newborns suffering from premature birth, multiple pregnancy or pediatric surgeries. The Department of Intensive Care Unit for Newborns offers healthcare services not only for infants delivered by our hospital but also all the infants with a need for intensive care. The department is reinforced by pediatric surgery, pediatric neurology and pediatric cardiology for 24 hours. 



- Ventilatory treatment (respiratory equipment) 

- Exchange transfusion 

- Central catheter procedures 

- Total parenteral nutrition 

- Invasive blood pressure measurement 

- PICC catheter procedures 

- Thoracic tube placement 

- Phototherapy 

- ROP examination