Rendering modern and advanced diagnostic-therapeutic services for each aspect of Oral and Dental Health, Medicine Hospital's Oral and Dental Health Department offers in-depth examinations for patients by means of intraoral cameras and panoramic X-ray systems. In addition, odontotherapy services are rendered under general anesthesia for special needs of frightened patients, hyperactive kids or disabled patients.


Services Provided by Oral and Dental Health Department:


- Preventive Dentistry

- Implant Therapy

- Endodontics (Root Canal Therapy and Filling)

- Orthodontics (Correction of Crowded and Uneven Teeth)

- Oral and Jaw Surgery

- Operations for impacted tooth extractions

- Operations for cysts and tumors

- Periodontology (Therapy for Gingival Diseases)

- Aesthetic Dentistry

- All aesthetic procedures

- Tooth color restorations

- Tooth whitening

- Prosthetic Dentistry

- Therapy for Temporomandibular Joint Disorders