The Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation offers a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic services thanks to a team comprised of specialists and physiotherapists for rheumatism, herniated disc and cervical disc hernia, strokes and orthopedic disorders.


Diagnostic and Therapeutic Services:

- Neck pain (cervical disc hernia, calcification, strain, whiplash, postural disorders)

- Shoulder pain (periarthritis, radicular pain, tendinitis, bursitis, arthrosis)

- Lower back pain (herniated disc, spondylolisthesis, lower back calcification etc.)

- Back pain

- Elbow, wrist and hand ailments

- Knee pain (arthrosis, tendinitis, bursitis, meniscus injuries)

- Hip pain

- Footache and ankle pain

- Arthralgia, joint swelling, limitation of movement along with rheumatic diseases

- Orthopedic disorders, fractures and dislocations, connective tissue damages, muscle and joint injuries, and rehabilitation procedures prior and after orthopedic prosthesis surgeries

- Rehabilitation for the paralyzed, hemiplegia (stroke) and paralysis caused by cerebrospinal damages and physiotherapy and rehabilitation for nerve damages

- Post-polio rehabilitation

- Physiotherapy and rehabilitation for cerebral palsy (rehabilitation for spastic kids) inherent disability and deficiency

- Sports-related injuries, ligament and tendon therapies as well as treatment and protective rehabilitation therapies for atheletes to be back in sports

- Rehabilitation for scoliosis

- Postural disorders and acquired spinal curvature

- Fibromyositis, Fibromyalgia and other soft tissue rheumatism

- Osteoporosis