Medipol Healthcare Group Heart Center provides comprehensive care for adult and children patients from all around the world.

Medipol Hospitals Group Heart Center, physicians, surgeons, nurses and other health care professionals are dedicated to providing the highest level of heart care with the latest diagnostic testing and treatments, including all kinds of interventional or percutaneous procedures, surgical procedures, the newest medications and lifestyle changes. Our staff works with the newest surgical techniques, equipment and device and offers virtually every type of cardiac surgery. The Center provides advanced tests and procedures to assist in accurate diagnosis and planning of treatment.

Our Cardiovascular surgery team having a very high experience for more than 28 years with more the (20000 operations were be done) & their successful rate were about 99.5%.

Medipol Hospitals Group Heart Center cardiac teams highly experienced and efficient healthcare professionals:

Cardiovascular Surgery,

Pediatric  and  Congenital  Heart Surgery,

Interventional Cardiology,

Endovascular Surgery.


Pediatric Cardiology.

•      Intensive & Semi-intensive Care Unit,

Medipol Hospitals Group Heart Center performs all kinds of diagnostic modalities and cardiovascular imaging procedures:

Laboratory tests enclosing screening for cardiac risk factors and genetic disorders.

Electrocardiography tests (ECG), ambulatory monitoring and stress tests.

Echocardiogram, stress echocardiogram, trans-esophageal echocardiogram and fetal echocardiogram.

Cardiac catheterization, conventional angiography, interventions and electrophysiological study.

Nuclear imaging studies including positron emission tomography (PET scan), nuclear exercise stress test.

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), cardiac MRI and MRI angiography.

Cardiac Computed Tomography (Cardiac CT), CT angiogram, calcium score screening.

2x64 Cardiac CT -Dual source CT in 6 seconds.

Cardiac Spect Scan.