In near future, Medipol University Hospital, Organ Transplantation Center is going to be active on liver and kidney transplant programs. Prof. Hamdi Karakayalı, MD, FACS, FEBS, FICS, who is the director of the program, is an internationally recognized, prominent hepatopancreatobiliary and transplant surgeon. He graduated from Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine in 1988, and went on to complete his General Surgery Residency at the same University. After receiving the title of General Surgeon Specialist from Hacettepe University, he started working at Baskent University Department of General Surgery as a member of the pioneer transplant team in Turkey with Professor Haberal.

To date, he worked as the Director of the Department of General Surgery, Liver and Kidney Transplantation Units at Baskent University in Ankara, and as the Head of Department of General Surgery and the Transplantation Unit at Gaziosmanpasa

Hospital in İstanbul.

He has published 265 articles in international journals, mostly in the field of organ transplantation. He received the New Key Opinion Leader Award from The Transplantation Society on 2006. He was accepted as an Honorary Fellow of European Board of Surgery on June 2011, and Fellow of American College of Surgeons on September 2012. Prof. Karakayali is the former Secretary General of the Turkish Transplantation Society. In addition, he worked a four-year term as Secretary General of the Middle East Society for Organ Transplantation, and also a four-year term as Treasurer for the term 2008-2012.

Medipol University Hospital, Organ Transplant Team includes highly experienced and dedicated transplant surgeons, adult and pediatric hepatologists, adult and pediatric nephrologists, anesthesiologists, diagnostic and interventional radiologists, pathologists, transplant coordinators, transplant nurses, nutrition specialists, social workers, pharmacists and other experts devoted to providing comprehensive transplant care. The aim of this experienced team is to provide the highest quality medical and surgical services to patients in liver and kidney transplantations and also in diagnosis and treatment of all benign or malignant hepatopancreaticobiliary diseases, using most advanced techniques and the latest equipment for the highest possible success rates.

Medipol University Hospital, Organ Transplant Team is extremely experienced both in liver and kidney transplant surgeries not only for adult patients, but also pediatric recipients even for small babies as well. To date, our team has performed more than 2000 kidney and 400 liver transplants, mainly from living donors. The transplantation team performs right lobe, left lobe, left lateral segment, monosegment, and split liver transplantations even for the most complicated cases.

The set-up of the Medipol University Hospital’s Organization will provide a meticulous and multi-disciplanary detailed evaluation in a very short time period, not more than 4-7 days, for every donor and recipient candidate. Afterwards, transplantation will be carried out as soon as possible. One of the essential factors for the success of an organ transplantation procedure is the life-long follow-up of the recipient and the donor. For this purpose, all recipients and donors will have the chance to contact and to consult with their physicians any time of the day. All members of the Medipol University Organ Transplant Team are committed to help patients to live a healthy life that they deserve.

Prof. Dr. Hamdi Karakayalı has been running this department with his team for almost 20 years and he is considered to be the pioneer in this field in Turkey.