Oral and Dental Health Clinic

The Oral and Dental Health Clinic of the Medistate Hospital Istanbul offers services at VIP floor of the hospital based on the service areas including all necessary technological equipment in the oral and dental health field, thanks to the specialists in the fields of maxillo-facial surgery, periodontology and pedodontics in addition to the staff dentist. In the clinic offering services with advanced surgical procedures, treatments of autistic children are performed under general anesthesia by pedodontists in conjunction with other physicians, while PRP-PRF (stem cell therapy) procedures are successfully performed. Aesthetic dentistry (porcelain laminate, tooth whitening, zirconium appLications, smile design), dental treatments (the radio-dental filling, porcelain inlay applications, canal therapies], prosthesis [porcelain prosthesis processed with laser, denture prosthesis with precision attachment), maxilla-facial surgery (problems of mandibular joint, implantations, intra-oralsurgeries under Localand general anesthesia], orthodontics (pediatric and adult orthodontics, aesthetic and Lingual bracketing), periodontology (diagnosis and treatment of gingival diseases, gingival aesthetic] are principal diagnostic and therapeutic services offered in the clinic.