Healthcare services are rendered by experienced medical specialists, who use state-of-the-art equipment and de­vice, in Neurosurgery Clinic of MEDISTATE Hospital.


Neurosurgery Department of the Medistate Hospital Istanbul performs cerebrovascular and endovascular neuro­surgery, neuro-oncological surgery, complex spine surgery, radiosurgery, stereotactic and functional neurosurgery, epilepsy surgery and pediatric neurosurgery.


Surgeries performed in the clinic are basically as follows:

1.  Tumors of Brain, Spine and Spinal Cord (Neurosurgical Oncology),

a. Endoscopic pituitary tumor surgery (endoscopic skull base surgery)?

b. Endoscopic cerebral ventricle surgery (neuroendoscopy)?

c. Intrinsic brain tumor surgery

d. Spinal cord tumor surgery

e. Spine tumor surgery

2.  Neurovascular surgery (surgical treatment of vascular diseases of brain)

a. Aneurysm

b. Avm (arteriovenous malformations)

c. Cavernoma

d. Hemorrhages of brain and spinal cord

3. Head and spine trauma surgery

4. Peripheral nerve surgery, brachial plexus surgery

5. Pediatric neurosurgery, congenital brain-spinal cord and spine anomaly and hydrocephaly – shunt surgery

6. Spinal surgery: Spinal prostheses, Spinal stabilization and fusion surgeries, cervical and lumbar disc prostheses, cervical, thoracic and lumbar micro disc surgery as well as stenotic spinal canal surgery

7. Functional neurosurgery. Neurostimulator (brain stimulator), spinal stimulator, baclofen pump insertion, pain surgery.


Special procedures performed in the clinic:

Endoscopic surgery

Minimally invasive surgery

Baclofen pump insertion

Spinal stimulator insertion

Neurostimulator implantation


Technical equipment of the clinic:

CT, MRI and DSA devices, Doppler Ultrasound

Intraoperative C-arm scopy


Surgical microscope

Ultrasonic aspirator, for bone tissue and tumor




5-suite operating theater, equipped with high-tech devices


Intensive Care

EEG, EMG, SSEP, VEP, Sleep laboratory